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Solved: Problem With Cd/dvd Rom Drives.

Solved: Problem With CD-ROM/DVD Drive After Downgrading From Vista To XP.

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Solved: Windows 7 Starter & DVD/CD Drives

Some DvD Writer Help Please :o)

Some Flash Drives Recognized And Some Not

Some USB-connected Devices Don't Show Up As Drives

Something Is Preventing My Disc Drives From Reading Files On Discs.

Sony Laptop DCD/CDR Drive Messed Up!

Start Up Problems XP Using My Dvd Drive

Still Problems With CD Drive.

Stopping The "What Do You Want To Do?" Question When A CD Is Inserted.

Strange XP Problem With CD Drive

Suddenly Zip Drive Not Recognized

System Does Not Detect Dvd/ Cd Drive

System Doesnlt See My External Drive

System Not Reading D Or E Drive

System Not Detecting DVD Drives

System Won't Recognize USB External Drives.

T20- CD/DVD Drive Not Working

System Won't Recognize Thumb Drive Or CD Drives

T_T Someone Help Me! CD Drive Not Responding!

The Disc Drive Stopped Working

Thumb Drive Not Found

Thumb Drive Not Showing Up

Thumb Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer

Thumb Drive Not Working.

Thumb Drive Isn't Recognized

Too Many DVD Drives! HELP!

Trouble Accessing An External SATA Drive Via USB On XP?

Trouble With Cd/dvd Rom Drive

Trouble With My CD/DVD Drive

Trouble Installing New DVD Rom

TV Formatted My Drive Not Showing In Device Manager

Unable To Access Floppy And DVD-ROM Drives

Unable To Detect F: Drive?

Unable To Open USB Attached Devices

Unable To Read CD

Unable To Read CD-Roms

Unable To Locate A Driver For A USB Flash Drive

Unable To Use My CD Drive

Unknown Program Causing Problems With CDROM

Unusual Case Of Not Detecting Dvd/cd Drive On Inspiron 1100

Usb & Cd Rom Problems

USB 'cannot Be Formatted' On One Computer But Can On Another. Help?

USB Can't Detect !

USB Can't Read Flasdisk

USB 2.0 Jump Drive Not Seen

Usb And Dvd Drives Not Working Need Help Please

USB 2.0 Flash Drive Not Working

USB Devices Not Shown In In Computer

USB Drive Question/problem

USB Drive Doesn't Appear In My Computer

USB Drive Not Recognized

USB Drive Not Working

USB Does Not Appear In My Computer

USB Drive Driver Problem!

USB Doesn't Read

USB Drives Not Reading?

USB Drive FAILING To Appear On Computer

USB Drive Doesn't Show

USB Flash Drive Isn't Working.

USB External Cdrw Not Recognized

USB Disk Drive Not Recognized

USB Hard Drive Not Present In Windows Explorer

USB Flash Drive Not Recognized

USB Flash Drive Not Functioning On PC.

USB External Drive Not Working

USB Flash Drive Not Recognized :(

USB Device Not Recognized With 2 Different Lexar Jump Drives

USB Drives Malfunctioned - 'Please Insert Device' Or 'Driver Not Located'

USB Drive With Work On It Won't Show Up! *Please Help*

Usb Flash Memory Not Found

USB Drive Not Detected

USB Drive Won't Show Up!

USB Flash Drive All Of A Sudden Not Showing Up In My Computer

USB Drive Is Not Detected After A While

Usb Not There

USB Jump Drive Not Recognized

USB Flash Drive Not Appearing In My Computer

USB Jump Drive Won't Be Recognized By Vista - No Drivers Needed

USB Hub Has Killed My DVD Burner

Usb Not Recognizinig(pls Help)

USB Jump Drives Don't Work In Any USB Port

Usb Not Picked Up By Computer

USB Flash Drive Not Showing Up In Windows?

USB Pendrive/thumbdrive In Front Ports Not Recognized

USB Pen Drive - Can't See Drive On Machine.?

USB Flash Drive Not Working

Usb Drive Not Being Recognized

Usb Optical Drive Strange Error?

USB Flash Drive Not Recognized By Computer

USB Storage Device Not Visible In My Computer

Usb Stick Not Showing On Comp

USB Hard Drive Not Recognized On 1 Comp But Shows Up On The Other

USB Thumbdrive And External Drive Not Recognized

USB Thumb Drive Not Showing Up.!

Usb Won't Recognize

USB Won't Recognize.

USB Undetected By Operating Systems

USB3 Stick Not Always Showing In My PC

USB Thumb Drive Shows In Explorer

USB Poor At Recognizing

VHP32 Doesn't See The Dvd/cd Drive

Vista Drive Not Reading Dvd

Vista Doesn't See My Hard Drive

Vista DVD Reading Problems

Vista Dvd Problems

Vista Killed My Xp Drive. Need Some Genius Please ! Begging You.

VISTA Lost All USB Drives

Vista Search Shows Files On External Drive Not Connected? How? Why?

Vista Won't Regognise My Jump Flash Drives

Vista No Longer Recognizing Any Cds/dvds

Vista-7 Upgrade Dropped DVD/CD Drive

Vista Won't Use My USB Flash Drives.

WD External Drive Not Recognized

WD HD No Longer Recognized By Windows Explorer

Weird Harddrive Recognization Problem

Weird HP CD Writer Issue

What Happened To My Cd Drive?

What Format Does Dell 4700 Use For Optical Drives?

What Happened To My CD Drives?

Where Did My CD & Dvd Drives Go?

Where's Guru Triple6. BIOS Not Booting From ODD!

Why CD Drive Icons Do Not 'update' When I Change CD

Why Thumbdrive Cannot Be Seen By Laptop After Inactive

Will CD Drive Automatically Write If It Reads?

Will Not Recognize DVD's

Win 2000 CD-RW CD-ROM Troubles!

WIN 7 Laptop Won't Recognize USB External HD

Win 7 Recognizes But Doesn't Show Drives

Win 7 Won't See USB-Powered HD

Win XP CD Device Problem

Win ME Won't Recognize Thumb Drive

WIN XP Not Showing 2nd DVD Drive On Restart

Win XP Sees My HD As A USB Harware?!

Win2K Disk Doesn't Appear In Explorer

WIn2k Not Recognizing My FAT32 HD

Win2k DVD Drive Problems

Win3.1 Not Recognizing CD-ROM

Windows 10 Won't Recognize External HD

Windows 2000 Pro -ThinkPad- Not Seeing CDROM

Windows 7 - USB Flash Drive Does Not Appear On Desktop PC.

Windows 7 Not Seeing CD Drive

Windows 7 Will Not Open External HDD

Windows 7 Won't Read Drive In Explorer

Windows 7 What Happened To My Cd Drive?

Windows 8 Disc Drive Problem

Windows 98 Laptop CD-ROM Detection Woes

Windows Does Not Properly Recognize Two Burner Drives

Windows Error--No CD Drives

Windows Does Not Recognize CD/DVD Drives

Windows Explorer Doesn't See Flash Drive

Windows Can't Find External HD

Windows Explorer Does Not Recognize CD\DVD

Windows Explorer Won't Read A: Drive

Windows ME Will Not Detect Tyhe CD ROM

Windows Not Detecting CD Drive

Windows Not Copying Driver For DVD Writer

Windows Not Recognized By Microsoft

Windows Not Seeing Cd Drives?

Windows Sound Recorder Affecting CD Drive

Windows Vista- CD/DVD Drive Not Working

Windows Won't Recognize USB Flash Drives.

Windows XP + CD-Rom Problems

Windows Won't Recognize External Drive

Windows XP C: Or D: Drive Not Working?

Windows XP Does Not Recognise CD's/DVD's

Windows XP Cd/dvd Driver Not Loading

Windows XP Dvd Rom Stopped Working

Windows XP Pro Regarding DVD Burner/Reader Problems

Windows Xp SP1- D-Drive Not Working-shows A File-Help

Windows XP Will Not Recognize My CDroms

Windows XP Will Not Allow DVD Writer Driver Installation

Windows XP Will Not Recognize DVD-RW In Drive

WinXP: CDRW Read Failure

WinXP.CD-Rom Not Recognized

Won't Recognize?

Won't Recognize Drive

Wont Read Any Cd/dvd's

Won't Recognize My CD Drive Or Thumb Drive

Working Flip Video Not Being Recognised On Pc. An Ports Are Workin

Writer Drive Not Detected!

XP - Replaced A DVD And A Hard Dr + The DVD Are Not Recognized

Xp And My Cd/dvd Rom

XP - CD Device With Yellow Icon In Device Manager

Xp Cd Will Not Work With '98?

XP Does Not Recognize CD Rom Drive In My Computer

Xp Dvd Will Not Work

Xp Dvd Will Not Work

XP Issue With Disc Drives

XP Not Seeing CD-rom Drive

XP Not Recognizing New Disc Drives

XP Not Recognizing Cd

XP Pro Not Detecting CD Change.

Xp Pro 64 Bit Class Filters Drivers Corrupt/missing

XP Pro Does Not Recognize The External Seagate 250 Gb Drive

XP Problems With CD Rom And DVD Rom Drives

XP Thinks My DVD Burner Is A CD-ROM After Clean Install.

Zip Drive Not Recognized

Computer Won't Recognize Usb

8 Tb External Usb 3.0 Drive Not Recognized

Cd Drive Doesnt Work

Windows 7 Not Wanting To Detect DVD/CD's

CD Drives Not Functioning

BluRay/DVD/CD Disk Won't Show Files In Windows 7 64-Bit?

Windows 7 Does Not See My DVD ROM

Cannot See USB Flash Drive

My Win7 Desktop Does Not See USB 3.0 Devices.

Seagate 3tb Expansion With Windows 7 Dont Work

Windows 7 Doesn't Read USB Drive

Need Help With My Cd/dvd Drive

Reformatted Drive Not Showing Up

Dvd Drive Is Not Working

Doesn't Recognize The USB Stick

CD/DVD Drives Stopped Working! Help Please!

Computers Wont Recognise Usb

Usb Drives Are Not Shown In "My Computer"

Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize USB HD

CD/DVD Rom Problem

USB Is Not Being Read.

Windows 7 Cannot Read My External

Reinstalled Win7 But Now PC Doesn't 'see' My USB3 Stick

OS Not Seeing Removable Devices

Verbatim 1TB External Drive Not Recognised On Boot

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