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Strange Folder

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Strange File In C:

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Strange Files Appeared Loose On C:// Drive.

Strange Folders Appearing

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Strange Folders

Strange New Files On My C Drive

Strange Folder Appearing On C Drive

Strange Folder Will Not Delete

Strange Folders Appearing In C:

Strange Folders In C: Drive

Strange File In Temp Folder

Strange Files In Temp Folder

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System Drive Full.

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Unexplained Loss Of Hard Drive Space

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Virus.takin Up All My C Drive

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Weird Directories On HD

Weird Files In C Drive

Weird Files On Drive

Weird Files On Drive

Weird File Appearing In C: Drive

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Weird Folder In My Portable HDD

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Weird Folders

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What Are These Folders?

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Windows VISTA Eating Up Hard-disk Space. Not The Usual Problem

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